'You can't, you know' she said, 'expect to put an idea out of my head just by flurrying the horses…'

'A man', the General said between 'Comeups' to his mare, 'does not marry his…'
His mare went backwards a pace or two into the bank and then a pace forwards.

'His what?' Sylvia asked with amiability. 'You can't be going to call me your mistress. No doubt most men would have a shot at it. But I never have been even your mistress… I have to think of Michael!'

'I wish', the General said vindictively, 'that you would settle what that boy is to be called…. Michael or Mark!' He added: 'I was going to say: “his godson's wife”… A man may not marry his godson's wife.'

Sylvia bent over to stroke the neck of the chesnut.
'A man', she said, 'cannot marry any man's wife… But if you think that I am going to be the second Lady Tietjens after that… French hairdresser's widow…'

'You would prefer,' the General said, 'to got to India…'


The General said:
"You know you cannot possibly divorce my godson. You are a Roman Catholic.’

She said, always with her smile:
'Oh, can’t I?… Besides it would be of the greatest advantage to Michael to have for a step-father the Field Marshal…’

The Last Post - Ford Madox Ford

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